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Surviving 10 years of working as a potter + Teapot Giveaway + 10% Discount


"The first of October 2020 marked the 10th anniversary of my business, I can't believe I’ve made it this far! On the 1st October 2010 I registered my business and moved into my first studio, it was an already established studio and shop set up by 3 potters who had been on the same course as me a few years before. I shared the space with Caroline Dolan in an old mill just down the river from the training college that I had graduated from a few months before. 5 studios later and I’m in the second mill of my career here in Belfast, not quite as picturesque as the first but it has 2 tall windows that let in beautiful natural light.


I really want to celebrate getting to this point of 10 years and it's nice to have something to celebrate in 2020! It feels massive to me as anyone who is works as a craftsperson, in the arts or self-employed knows it is such a rollercoaster, there are massive highs that could be as simple as a happy customer to landing a big order and then there are the awful dips where you wonder why you chose to do what you do, like battling to get paid, a kiln firing gone wrong with weeks of work in it or being asked, so do you actually make a living then or do you have a rich husband.....yes I have been asked this more than once! Then of course there is everything in between, the monotony of admin, the lovely rhythm of making, working with others and lots of coffee.


This October I want to celebrate getting this far and to thank all my lovely customers by offering a 10% discount on the new website using CELEBRATE10 at the checkout, to introduce you to my new range of work, inspired by time spent in the south of France. It is a softer version of my old range with new pieces like round bellied teapots, butter dishes and ramen bowls. A selection of my old brightly coloured range will be available too and you can still order these pieces by emailing me directly.


To really celebrate 10 years of business I also have a lovely giveaway of a teapot and 2 mugs from my new Toulouse Collection. You can enter in 2 ways, either sign up to my mailing list (email sign up is at the bottom of any of the pages) or comment on any of my 10 year celebration posts on Instagram. Winner will be announced at the end of the month. "

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