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Can I use my handmade pottery in the oven?

Yes, the clay terracotta clay I use is great at retaining the heat so will keep your food warmer for longer. Traditionally pieces such as casseroles are made in earthenware clay like terracotta as they can take thermal shock, going from your hot oven to a cold table, very well. Avoid sudden changes in temperature though on one point of your pot such as pouring boiling water on the rim of a wide bowl, this can be too much thermal shock and it can crack.

Can I use my handmade pottery in the dishwasher?

Yes, I fire my clay higher than a traditional earthenware clay so that it is much less porous and can be used in the dishwasher. Avoid rims touching and be gentle when unloading and loading.

Can I use my handmade pottery in the microwave?

I don't recommend putting my work in the microwave as the dark clay can heat up very quickly. Though I have zapped a coffee or 2 in the microwave for 10 seconds to warm it up. It won't cause damage to the pot or microwave. 

Where can I buy Helen Faulkner Ceramics? 

You can buy here on my website or directly from my studio in Belfast. To find out if I'll be at a market near you follow me on social media or join my mailing list. A list of stockists can be found here.

Can I get specific pieces of pottery made to order?

Yes, if you are looking for something different or want an extra large salad bowl I am open to the challenge. This will take 4-6 weeks and a non refundable deposit of 25% is taken and the rest paid before shipping or collection.  

Do you make it all yourself?

Yes all my work is made by me, this is myself and Sheva my studio buddy. To find out more about how I design and make my pottery I've a blog post showing you how it;s done.